Introducing Easy Nav & Playlist

We are excited to announce 2 new features to help students study better, Easy Nav and Playlist.  Here is a quick video overview of Playlist.  

More detail on the new tools:

Easy Navigation to the Next Problem & Video Sharing – when you finish viewing a video, you can now easily navigate to the next problem or jump to others.  If the video can be helpful to other classmates, you can now easily share it.

Playlists – Deliberate practice and repetition leads to mastery.  This is why we launched “Video Playlists”. Now students can create video playlists to better help them in their studies.  Use these playlist to bookmark the videos you need to review, then easily share them with fellow classmates.  

Bookmark and add your video to a playlist.

Add your video to an existing playlist or create a new one.

Find your playlist on the top nav bar.

Help a classmate out and share your playlist.

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