Top 5 Future Proof STEM Careers

Whether the economy is up, down, or sideways, those with a degree in STEM are in demand. 

The road to a degree in the many fields STEM encompasses is never easy — however, its rewards are well worth the effort. STEM careers have the highest average pay and the most growth potential of any jobs for the foreseeable future.

Our rankings of the 5 most promising careers in STEM is based on median income and demand for the job in the future. Pick a career you want to pursue and then use Numerade’s help to boost your education, improve grades and graduate with the STEM degree you need.

#5. Mechanical Engineer

What they do: Kids who liked taking things apart and putting them back together again are the mechanical engineers of the future. The role involves designing machines ranging from manufacturing equipment to nanobots. 

New jobs by 2028: 12,800

Most handy degree to have: Mechanical engineering 

Median income: $87,370

How Numerade can help: Mechanical engineers take physical and mathematical principles and turn them into things in the real world. Numerade can help you get there with free full length courses in physics that are necessary to understand the field.

#4.  Physicians Assistant 

What they do: Track and gather patient histories, provide physical exams, diagnose and develop treatment strategies for illnesses and, order and interpret lab tests.  In most states physician assistants can even write prescriptions.

New Jobs by 2028: 37,000

Most handy degrees to have: Biology, Organic Chemistry

Median Income: $106,610

How Numerade can help: As someone who can write prescriptions, physician assistants need a strong understanding of organic chemistry and how compounds interact within the human body.  Check out Numerade’s full length organic chem course to learn more!

#3.  Dentist

What they do: More than just there to remind people to floss! Dentists rely on a sound background of biology and mathematics to provide patients with oral health care ranging from treatments for halitosis (bad breath) to oral cancers. 

New Jobs by 2028: 10,400

Most handy degrees to have: Mathematics, Biology or Chemistry.

Median Income: $151,850

How Numerade can help:  The mouth is the front door of the body, and as such Dentists need to know about the entire house it leads to. Biology is the key to understanding the fundamentals necessary to be a dentist. Check out Numerade’s collection of biology textbook solutions to get started.

#2.  IT Manager

What they do: IT Managers help organizations navigate the dynamic world of modern technology. Every company needs someone to manage the technology they use to operate and an IT manager’s decisions have ripples felt across an entire organization.

New Jobs by 2028: 46,800

Most handy degrees to have: Computer Science or Information Science

Median Income: $142,530

How Numerade can help: Going into IT will require an extremely solid base understanding of all things math, with a focus on statistics. Check out Numerade’s collection of stat textbook solution lessons starting with Introductory Statistics.

#1.  Software Developer

What they do: The rockstars of the STEM world, these are the folks who put code to screen and create the wonderful world of software that surrounds us. 

New Jobs by 2028: 241,500

Most handy degree to have: Computer Science

Median Income: $103,620

How Numerade can help: Computer science requires a deep understanding of general mathematics through to calculus. Check out Numerades full-length calculus courses to jumpstart your understanding of the math necessary to be a software engineer.

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