Finals Referral Program Spring 2020

Invite your friends to join Numerade for free to enter our $500 raffle.

Finals are here and we are on a mission to help as many students as possible ace their exams. 

We know your classmates will benefit from Numerade’s free platform to study and improve their finals grades. 

Help us spread the word and in the process you can win $500. 
How to Win:
  1. Share your unique Numerade referral code with classmates and friends. 
  2. For each student who creates a free verified account on Numerade using your code, you will receive an additional entry into the raffle.
  3. Each entry increases your chance of winning the $500 prize!
Selecting a Winner:  

On May 31st, 2020 we will randomly select one of our entrants to win the $500 prize and Venmo/Paypal them their winnings right away. 

How to Find your Unique Referral Code:
  • Log into your free Numerade account and select “Account” from the icon in the upper right-hand section of the screen.  
  • This will take you to your Numerade profile where you can find your code under the heading “Referral Code” 

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