Finals Office Hours – Ask Our Educators Your Finals Study Q’s to Get Your Own Custom Video Lesson

Our team of professors, PhD’s and teachers are holding free office hours to help you study for finals!

The number one issue facing students preparing for their exams this year is access to teachers. Stuck at home, those last-minute questions you have for exams are largely going to go unanswered. Numerade is here to fill in the gaps.

Ask us your STEM study questions and our expert educators will answer the most upvoted q’s with a custom video lesson to make sure you learn what you need to before your exams!

How it works:
1. Follow this link to log into your free Numerade account
2. Once logged in you will be taken to the “Office Hours” page. From there click the “Join New Course” button.
3. Next enter the secret section code “freefinalshelp” and click “Join”
4. Select the “Finals Office Hours” Section under “My Courses”
5. Select the “Ask a Question” button to type in a question. 
6. Ask a question! Put in the subject first (Ex, Calc: , Physics: , Chem: etc.) then type your study question. It can be a specific problem or a question about a more general topic, theory, or concept. 
7. Then check out other questions asked by students and upvote the ones you’d like to be answered.
8. You will be alerted when your question has been answered!

Check back often to see how many upvotes it has and if a similar question has already been answered. The more upvotes, the sooner your question will be answered.

Don’t have enough upvotes, or need your question answered urgently?  

Invite friends to the Finals Office Hours section and ask them to upvote your question!

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