Teacher Appreciation Week: A Note to Numerade Educators

Dear Educators,

At Numerade we truly believe that our educators are the best instructors in the world. Our family of over 5,000 teachers, Ph.D.’s, professors and TA’s have dedicated themselves to fulfilling our mission to ensure that students of all socioeconomic backgrounds receive equal educational opportunities. This shared vision has already allowed us to provide over 2 million students help with their education via the world’s largest library of STEM lesson videos.

Numerade educators are driven by the knowledge that the content they produce has an impact far beyond the typical limitations of the classroom. Their lessons reach thousands of students daily, supplementing or filling in the gaps of their standard education.

We could not be prouder of the job our educators perform every day, balancing their classroom work with creating content for Numerade. We are beyond grateful to have a rapidly growing family, all aligned with a noble cause that we one day hope to achieve.

To all of the teachers out there providing support to students, especially during these difficult times, we thank you.


-The Numerade Family

Click here to learn how Numerade is supporting teachers during the COVID-19 crises.

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