Introducing Numerade “Snapshot”

Take a picture of any Math or Science Homework problem and instantly get a video lesson on how to solve it yourself!

Never get stuck again. Homework is hard, snapshot makes learning easy.

The Numerade iOS app puts the entire Numerade learning platform in your pocket. Now it also gives you the quickest and easiest way to get help solving your homework.

Next time don’t know how to solve a mathematic or science question in your textbook or in an assignment pull out your phone. Open the Numerade app and with the snapshot tool, take a pic of the problem. Our A.I will then recognize the problem, and search through our 800,000+ video lesson library to find a lesson for that exact problem.

These lessons are taught by educators from top US colleges and high schools and verified correct. Even if by the unlikely chance we don’t have the exact answer to the problem, our A.I. will surface a closely relevant lesson featuring the necessary concepts to solve it.

Quickly get the lessons you need to not only complete your homework, but learn it!

Check out the Numerade iPhone app and “snapshot” today!

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