Get Unstuck with Numerade ‘Ask’

Never need a tutor again

Ever get stuck on a Homework problem? Even the best students run into problems that are, well…problems. When you get stuck only one thing matters – that you learn how to solve the problem. If you don’t know how to approach a question, stop wasting time or blaming yourself. Ask for help!

Students with a tutor or Elon Musk as a parent have always had someone to ask for help, leaving most of us without a paddle. Now with Numerade Ask, anyone can simply type in their homework problem and get instant help with exactly what they are struggling with. 

Once you type your problem into Ask, our A.I. navigates our one million lesson videos, searching for a lesson that directly answers the question. If that video does not exist, we will ask one of our expert educators to create a custom lesson to answer it for you.  We won’t stop until we teach you how to solve your problem!

Instead of spending hours being lost on a problem, you now have a short lesson that instantly teaches you everything you need to know.

Ask your questions here!

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