3 Scariest Things Facing Students This Halloween

1. Job Are Vanishing Like Ghosts, I’ll Never Get Hired πŸ‘»

One look at the job market right now is enough to spook any soon to be graduate. Work is hard to come by, and it is easy to fear that you will fail to find a job once you graduate, especially given recent trends…

Why You Don’t have to be afraid!
The overall job market might be hurting, but STEM jobs are hotter than H-E-double-hockey-sticks. Those of you using Numerade to help with fields like Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Economics and more are all set. Work hard in school and when you graduate companies will beg you to come work for them!
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2. My GPA is Dying Due to Zoom Classes πŸ§Ÿ

Online classes are the stuff of nightmares for many of us. Teachers are petrifyingly boring, it is hard to pay attention, and expectations are as high as ever.  For most students, their grades are already 6-feet under.

Why You Don’t have to be afraid!
You’re not most students! You’ve found Numerade. You know you can recap what you might have struggled to learn in class with our lesson videos. Then on homework, you actually learn while completing problems by getting unstuck with our solution videos. Come test time your brain is our Frankenstein’s monster – the strongest parts from each of our educator’s lessons become stitched together inside your head! 
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3. I’m All Alone πŸ™€

Isolated, many of us are stuck at home without our friends. It is legitimately scary to think about missing out on social time during some of the best times of our lives. 

Why You Don’t have to be afraid!
This too shall pass, and in the meantime, alone physically does not mean alone! You have the internet with endless ways to communicate and virtually hang with friends. Plus with Numerade you can receive instruction from thousands of real teachers and with our Discord channel you can meet new students whenever you want!
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