Tips For Parents to Help Their Child Succeed During School Closures

As COVID continues to leave many of our high school and college-aged children at home, this has been the first time as parents we get a daily window into how students are taught. The truth is, Zoom school can be jarringly horrifying. This isn’t just a once-a-semester twenty-minute parent-teacher conference. Perhaps worst of all, when our student’s education falls short, they turn to us as parents to help them. For many, there is neither time to help nor money to hire a tutor.

As much as schools want Zoom to be as effective as in-person learning, it simply is not. Our schools forcing Zoom down our throats is a disrespect to our households, and disregard for the real problems we are facing right now. Let our children get back to learning–or rather–let our children start finally learning, in a way that respects their individual talents, needs, and family situations. We need models where knowledge and expertise of teachers can be showcased. We need teaching that respects a student’s home life. We need a new model that can pace along with students’ needs – vs. sticking with the current, archaic approach. Zoom is not enough, and as parents, we should not have to be the one’s who pay to pick up the slack with our time or cash!

I believe this is the time we can take back as parents and students. Where we take the bull by the horn and chart our own learning path. This is personalized, asynchronous learning can be taken to new heights.  That is why we created Numerade. It is the other half of the learning from home equation missing from Zoom school’s across the country.

With Numerade, students are able to supplement their Zoom classes with recorded video lessons made by top-ranking educators from colleges and high schools. This allows students to go at their own pace and fill in the gaps that remote learning has left.

How to Help Your Student Achieve While Stuck At Home

AI Tutor

Take the guesswork out of studying for your student. With our AI tutor, they will receive a weekly study plan, assigning them lesson videos to watch and practice quizzes to cover the exact material they need help with. This personalized approach looks at what your student needs help with and offers multiple lessons and educators to support them.


If your student has fallen behind or would like to get ahead, Numerade’s Bootcamps are the answer. These virtual camps in specific STEM subjects compress an entire semester’s worth of lessons into a 4-week course. Taught by college professors, your student will receive weekly lessons and curated problems to ensure they are learning the material.

Homework Help

Never again draw a blank when your child asks you a difficult homework question. On Numerade we have a library of 1,000,000 solution lesson videos covering problems in the most popular textbooks used in schools. If your student is stuck, they don’t just get the answer and move on. They watch a lesson showing them step by step how to solve the problem, just as a tutor would do.

Test Prep

A better score can open big doors for your child. Instead of paying thousands for one tutor, with Numerade your student can access study lessons from thousands of tutors. Each with secrets and tips they have seen actually work to improve student’s scores.

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