Why 2021 Will Be Your Best School Year Ever!

New Year, New You! 2021 promises to bring growth whether you are already a STEM star student or struggling with the most difficult subjects in the world. Numerade’s team of real teachers have a plan just for you to learn more and take the friction out of reaching your academic goals.

We also have a family of 6,000,000 students who will be banding together in new ways this year to help one-another out in school. You’ve found your academic tribe! It is time you start benefiting from it and make friends along the way!

Here are some of the ways Numerade is going to set you up for success in 2021:

1. Set Your 2021 Goals and Match with Other Students

The only way to make sure 2021 is your best school year ever is by setting BIG goals. Fill out this form to state your New Year’s goals. We will then match you with similar students looking to meet online and work together on your goals. You’ll learn more all year and make some quarantine friends along the way.

2. Your Textbooks Covered

1,000,000 is a big number. It is also how many textbook questions we have a video lesson for – all taught by a top educator of course. These video lessons are more than just answers. Unlike other sites, on Numerade you’re learning step-by-step how to solve the problem and understand how to do it yourself. Come test time when you won’t have the internet, the knowledge you earned on Numerade for each textbook problem will allow you to solve anything on the test.

3. Left Swipe Until You Find Your Perfect Tutor

We are taking tutoring into the future. We are dumping the expensive and awkward one-on-one hour-long sessions with a single tutor. Instead, select through short lessons from thousands of educators ranging from ivy league professors, ranked high school teachers, and Ph.Ds. Don’t vibe with an educator in one of our videos? Skip to another educator teaching the same subject or textbook. Find someone who speaks to you and then binge learn an entire semester worth of content!

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