The Anti-Cheating Platform

TLDR: We all know of unsavory websites out there for cheating. Numerade has taken a different approach; re-engineering the tutor-student relationship for the future with our A.I tutor.

What is the best way to learn a STEM subject?

Most students would say one-on-one lessons with a master tutor. You can go all the way back to the days of Pluto and Aristotle to see this in action. An expert educator teaches concepts to a pupil and then guides that student through difficult problems using their newly gained knowledge.

During these sessions, the tutor will always make sure the student gets the correct answer to every problem. No one is paying $40+ dollars an hour to walk away with incorrect solutions.

Now ask yourself, today how do most students learn a STEM subject?

Unless they can afford a tutor, they don’t. They get what they can out of their class lectures, made more difficult now due to COVID, and then salvage their grades by googling answers to assignments and tests. Often-times this is done in a manner most would consider cheating – receiving an answer without the requisite knowledge or effort to solve the problem.

This method for cheating has become so popular with students that several billion-dollar companies have sprung up with the sole purpose of providing answers to textbooks and tests.

“You know their names, and they know what they are helping you do; cheat.”

If you’ve used them don’t feel bad. With their presence, every assignment becomes the hypothetical scenario “what if the teacher leaves the room during the test” played out again and again. Who could resist when the stakes of your academic success are so high and the cost of the alternative (tutoring) is so expensive?

With both IRL tutoring and online cheating platforms students walk away with answers, but only one leads to learning. Numerade’s goal is to scale up tutoring online so that getting answers without learning and paying for expensive tutoring both become a thing of the past.

How is Numerade the Anti-Cheating Platform? 

For starters, if you want to cheat go elsewhere…

The reason students love Numerade is because every problem in their textbook comes with the same lesson a tutor would provide; only on Numerade the tutor is often a top-ranked professor or Ph.D.

These lessons are short videos with step-by-step instruction designed for students to learn how to solve the problem. Getting the actual answer from Numerade simply serves as confirmation that you understand how to solve the problem yourself.

This is no different than working on the same problem with a tutor. Numerade does not provide lesson videos for specific test questions – further differentiating ourselves from the cheating platforms.

A personal A.I tutor for every student in the world!

Now we’ve taken our learning platform a step further by inventing an A.I tutor that utilizes our library of 1,000,000+ lesson videos. Named Ace, Numerade’s A.I tutor gathers as much information about you as a student as possible to understand the courses, textbooks and subjects you need help with. Ace then develops a dynamic study plan just for you.

Take the doubt out of studying

Your study plan from Ace is designed to specifically address your needs as a student and propel you to better grades. We know what you need to know for exams and will make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you required to score straight As.

Your custom study plan from Ace includes:

1. Concept Lessons
Master your course’s concepts by watching quick lessons. Ace will match you with lesson videos taught by a specific educator whose teaching style fits your learning style. These lessons cover topics you might be struggling with.

2. Textbook re-enforcement
Once you know the concepts, Ace presents you with lessons to practical problems from multiple textbooks to make sure you know how to solve each problem yourself.

3. Test your knowledge
Now that you’ve got the concept down, and know how to use it to solve problems, Ace will quiz you. The problems presented directly relate to the topics you’ve struggled with. After the exam, see your score, and watch lessons for each question you got wrong.

4. The Human Touch
If you still have questions for a topic that Ace has not covered, you have the ability to pose questions directly to our expert educators. They will then reply to your specific questions with custom lesson videos.

While other sites only strive to give you answers, we deeply care that you learn for yourself. This is the only way we can guarantee your grades improve, and that you can have a long and successful career after school. So remember next time you are stuck, dont cheat, learn your way out of the problem.

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