Introducing Numerade Notes

With Numerade Notes, you can now easily type up your notes for each class using special characters and features optimized for STEM subjects directly on Numerade.

Simply open up a new note and start typing. You can insert special characters, images and diagrams, or upload entire documents. Anything you normally would hold onto; test, quizzes, worksheets and notebooks can all be digitized and stored for you.

Content added to your notes section becomes a portable and searchable library of everything you’ve learned. Come study time, this organization will make it easier to search for that specific hint you wrote down or find a quiz you took weeks ago.

Learn From the Notes of Experts

Notes is not just a place for you to record what you are taught in class. It is also a place to learn from the notes of others. In our discover section, you will see the notes of students and top educators from around the world who are taking or teaching the same class subjects as you.

Sneak-a-peek to see what teachers write down in their own notes as important to help you prepare for specific tests and courses. Then check out student’s notes to see what secret knowledge or hints they have to ace exams.

Your Notes Can Help Millions of Students

Every note you take on Numerade can be set to public simply by checking the “Make Note Public?” box. By doing so, your notes will be discoverable by students around the world taking the same courses as you are. Pay it forward and submit any notes, quizzes, tests, or worksheets you have. Who know what tips or facts you wrote down that another student missed.

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