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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in STEM

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to celebrate all Hispanic and Latinx individuals—and the outstanding contributions they’ve made—in the fields of science, tech, engineering, and math. Here are 4 incredible scientists and engineers who inspire us, and remind us why diversity and Hispanic representation in STEM are vital. France Córdova, astrophysicist 14th director of the …

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Numerade’s Support for Afghan Refugees

640 people fleeing Kabul in US plane

It was 1978. Packed in like sardines in a small fisherman’s boat, my Chinese Vietnamese family escaped Vietnam with 200 other passengers. The US had abandoned the war, and the Communists had taken over Vietnam. My parents were on this boat. We were stripped materially of everything we had ever worked for by the Communist …

Democratize STEM Now!

Democratize STEM Now! – Professor Cordero’s Mission to Empower Women and Minorities in STEM

Numerade’s mission is to empower students of all backgrounds with the best educators and technology to master STEM and change the system from the inside out – opening doors for the disadvantaged. Deeply ingrained in our DNA is the belief that the world’s most significant problems will be solved by providing every student equal access …