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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in STEM

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to celebrate all Hispanic and Latinx individuals—and the outstanding contributions they’ve made—in the fields of science, tech, engineering, and math. Here are 4 incredible scientists and engineers who inspire us, and remind us why diversity and Hispanic representation in STEM are vital. France Córdova, astrophysicist 14th director of the …

Educational STEM History

Who Was Rudolf Weigl?

Rudolf Weigl

Rudolf Stefan Jan Weigl was a Polish biologist, physician, and inventor, most known for creating the first effective vaccine for epidemic typhus. (He’s also today’s Google Doodle, in case you hadn’t noticed.) Before becoming a renowned scientist nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine every year between 1930 and 1939, Weigl was born in Austria-Hungary (now the …