Asynchronous Remote Classes Best Practices

Thousands of teachers are continuing classes asynchronously during school closures using Numerade. Our free ‘Office Hours’ platform allows educators to record and share lessons with their class, take ‘virtual’ attendance, and conduct video Q&A with students.  Used correctly, remote asynchronous classes on Office Hours provide students and educators with a better learning experience than live-online …


Top Video Lessons Of the Week: 4/12 – 4/17

Don’t see your textbooks or class subjects here? We have 200,000+ video lessons waiting for you to watch for free!*Find your textbook problems answered here!* #1.  Algebra 2 and Trigonometry #2. Solutions for Algebra and Trigonometry #3. Solutions for Calculus: Early Transcendentals  Watch the entire top 10 most-watched video lessons of the week playlist here.


2020 Internship Opportunities

We are seeking candidates for two different roles within our organization: Growth Marketing Intern & Partner Success Intern See job descriptions and instructions to apply below Why work for Numerade? Impact We are making a difference narrowing the educational opportunity gap with a platform available to all students, regardless of economic background. In other words, we are trying …

Educational Students

Educator Spotlight: Heather Zimmers – MA Secondary Mathematics Education, Oregon State University

Our network of professors, PhDs, high school teachers and TA’s produce thousands of STEM video lessons every day. In our Educator Spotlight series we highlight the standout educators whose courses and textbook solution lessons are helping students learn and improve their grades on Numerade. Meet Heather: Heather is a high school math teacher with 27 …


A Better Way to Measure and Encourage Student Engagement Virtually

Our free “Office Hours” platform now allows taking virtual attendance by revealing privately to teachers which of their students have viewed each video lesson. The technology also enables students to pose anonymous questions that teachers can reply to with a recorded video response distributed to the entire class. This level of consistent accountability and engagement from students is not possible from synchronous live remote classes.


Avoid “Zoombombing” and get the most out of remote learning: Asynchronous vs Synchronous Classes

Unprepared for COVID-19 closures, schools and colleges nationwide quickly turned to Zoom and other live video conferencing platforms to simulate live classrooms. What could go wrong? Zoombombing – The shortcomings of Synchronous remote education: Classes using Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are under attack. Intruders are hijacking live classrooms to post hate speech and …


5 Tips To Keep Your Grades Up During COVID-19 School Closures

Remember when a cancelled day of school meant staying at home or in your dorm, playing video games, binge watching Netflix and whatever else you felt like doing to pass the time?   Those days are long gone… Your Grades Still Matter! Whether your classes have moved online with a tool like Numerade’s Office Hours, your …